Three Faces in the Mirror

This 260-page book describes the life and loves of a young man who has a multi-personality disorder. Each of his three personalities is capable of taking him into different realms of experience and self-exploration. Eloy is a promising and attractive youth who likes the company of older men of various cultures. Romantic and idealistic Harmony, is a bright university student determined to become the lover of his controversial and charismatic philosophy professor. And José Luis, the third personality sharing this one body, is a reckless young Chicano ready for sexual adventures, seeking his paternal heritage in Mexico. But, at the end, he finds the key to the life and future of all three personalities.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Gaia, My Mother
Chapter 2: The Yoga of Anal Penetration
Chapter 3: Twinkie Swapping
Chapter 4: José Luis Reveals Himself
Chapter 5: Harmony Makes Himself Known
Chapter 6: Harmony Scintillates at the Symposium
Chapter 7: José Luis Herrera Plans an Acapulco Caper
Chapter 8: Hustling With Angel
Chapter 9: Spanked by an Undertaker
Chapter 10: The Wittgenstein Term Paper
Chapter 11: "Praying" with Takahashi-San
Chapter 12: Dr. Brotbaum's Blunder
Chapter 13: Huitzilopochtli
Chapter 14: Sexual Congress with Dr. Brotbaum
Chapter 15: The Hummingbird Is in the Cage
Chapter 16: The Revenge of the Hummingbird
Chapter 17: José Luis of the Desmadres
Chapter 18: A Bar Brawl in Querétaro
Chapter 19: Eloy Is One


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