two paths, two destinies

The book starts in 1946 in Tel Aviv with Tamir, a closeted gay high school boy, falling in intellectual love with Leah, the family's housecleaner. She is a committed communist trying to convert him to her cause. In this endeavor she fails. Within a brief time, she disappears from Tamir's life probably traveling to Europe following orders of the communist party.

Many years later, the now openly gay Tamir and Leah meet again in San Francisco. Among the many bad things that had befallen Leah was her exile to a Siberian gulag and her expulsion from the Polish communist party. Eventually, Leah manages to make her way to the U.S., gives up her total faith in communism, and becomes a devout believer in Indian fake and real gurus.

In San Francisco, Tamir has come out of the closet (not before losing his job when his homosexuality is discovered) but has to deal with the AIDS crisis. Unbeknownst to Leah, he has an affair with Leah's phony guru.

Comparing the lives of Leah and Tamir, the pivotal question is whether Leah's absolute adherence to a given Cause or Tamir's rolling with the punches of life makes for a more meaningful existence.

Stretching over a period of close to 50 years, through the eyes of the protagonists, the book touches upon major cultural, social, and political issues of the latter half of the twentieth century. It also portrays the evolution of the gay movement, from its inception in the 1950s, to the AIDS crisis, and to the relative emancipation of homosexuals.

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